May 4, 2015

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April 9, 2015

Real Estate in NYC

Real Estate has mainly evolved since 2011. The world has always been interested by the United States and especially by New York City. But what does real estate exactly mean? Different towns in the USA are like NYC. They have tri-state specificity. The NY tri-states are: New York, New Jersey Connecticut There is also specificity about apartment characteristics in the main American cities. You can buy or rent 3 types of different apartments or house: Condominium Coops Townhouses Your choice will make your life easier or not while your taxes will be increased or decreased. In each area, for each type of apartment, you will be face different legal and tax requirements. For example, if you choose to buy a coop, you will not pay anything if something must be repair in your flat or in the building you live in. Everything is included in your monthly charges. That means […]