What do we do?

International Lifestyle Services LLC offers an all in one solution to the complexities of relocation. We handle everything from the actual moving of you or your business to a new location; to finding the best residence for you, your family, or your employees.

At International Lifestyle Services LLC we know that exciting opportunities for relocation happen all the time, but then comes the hard part: how do we actually do this? International Lifestyle Services will manage all the details of your move right down to the tiniest detail. Our services are available to you whether you are planning to move domestically such as from Los Angeles to New York or internationally such as from Denmark to Sweden or the United States. We are here to make this exciting change as easy as possible.

We take care of all your Business and Personal Relocation needs.

Before Your Move

  • Moving Quotes
  • Short Term/Long Term Furniture Rental
  • Short Term/Long Term Apartment Rental
  • Neighborhood Research to find the most suitable neighborhood close to your job or school
  • Real estate agencies to buy, or rent a new apartment and manage the old one
  • New bank accounts if needed
  • Limo or Car pickup from the airport

After Your Move

  • Discounted Health Insurance
  • Social Security Card assistance
  • Mobile phone services
  • Drivers License Assistance
  • Car Leasing
  • Physical Therapists, and Sports Coaches
  • Family and individual counseling to help with the adjustment
  • Retirement/Pension Planning

Business Services

  • Market Intelligence services
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection, analysis and deployment
  • Information brokering for strategic, defense and geo-political insight
  • Web 2.0 Application developments for knowledge management and information sharing
  • Management and Business Development Consultancy
  • Strategic Advisory services (M&A's, Due Diligence, Competitor Analysis, Technology Intelligence, Leadership Training)
  • In-depth market analysis and specialized project support
  • Access to International Business Network and Trusted Information Network
  • Tax and legal consultations
  • Translators
  • Rent an office at discount with optional included service
  • Organize Parties
  • Find locations for your business meetings
  • American business etiquette training and professional coaches - Allows entrepreneurs a quantum leap in winning market share!

You board your flight. We take care of the rest!

Step 1

Let us know what you need

Simply fill out our free, no-obligation form, and once we understand your specific needs, we will contact you within 24 hours with a detailed list of the services we can offer you.

Whether a professional, private individual or family. Looking for long term, or short term relocation, International Lifestyle Services LLC is here to help.

Step 2

We act quickly

Within 24 hours, we will present you with moving quote and we can organize a move within as little as 48 hours if needed. We are here to find the right apartment in a location that fits your price range, and needs and any other information you might need about the area. Along with car leasing, health insurance, and a cell phone you will be ready to move in as soon as you land.

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